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    Regular fishermen sell the fish they catch directly in the market, while they sell their next hooked fish as a random number. This type of gambling process is extremely exciting. Salted fish or goldfish both depend on luck. How do I feel about fish? No one cares. This is a normal thinking brought about by power, if people from some biomes stand up and say that this is inhumane, if people from yellow biomes look closely at them, people from yellow biomes will lose . What is humanity? For a group of absolutely rational people, they understand better than anyone else how terrible the price of kindness is. I am stronger than you, everything I say is right, you think what you say makes sense, you think your community is full of knowledge and trustworthy, so why are you still so weak, not daring to go to war with the community? my golden? It was understandable logic, and other biomes when they heard it did not dare to speak up. As for other groups at the same level as the gold group, the relationship with them is better and everyone makes a lot of money together.

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    So I have to waste at least two thousand years with you to have a chance to help you understand this? Vuong Han understands clearly.

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    Okay. Isabelle admits that she is a bit biased towards the word "excellence", but everyone's ideas are different. These ideas are just her current ideas, her ideas will come out later. Why depends on everything? Not sure, Like before meeting Vuong Han, she was not like that, but after meeting Vuong Han, everything happened subtly and quietly, she discovered physical changes and spirit since when? such a long way, "So what should we do next, how should we treat Rojas? We can't directly consider Rojas as an enemy..." First, we can't defeat them , secondly we can't beat them, and thirdly, we can't beat them either.”

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    that under such a situation, numbers truly become numbers, no one will care what the numbers behind represent, this is living, not simple money! If a group only has a hundred people, then the death of one person can be said to be a huge blow. If a group only has fifty people, let alone one person dying, they simply cannot bear it. This type of death, if one person dies in a group of only two people, the whole group will directly perish! But now the entire biome has so many people, 1.3 billion suddenly evaporated directly, just like a person using a small boat to secretly transport a bowl of water from the sea, no one will detect that bowl of water. disappeared . In this way, human life is probably the least valuable thing. After all, even breathing can be quantified. Human life in this situation is truly terrifying. Regarding the situation at hand, if Vuong Han is a person whose soul begins to twist, then directly and brutally takes away O Nhuoc Lam's life, then who cares?

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    There are two sides to everything. People often say that keeping a peaceful mind is the norm, but they also say that raising tigers is dangerous.

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    The servant bowed his head and nodded, the answer he gave was very affirmative, saying: "Yes, Lutford Starport is an industry under our group. Although others don't know, we can know , moreover, we have also investigated this person clearly." His name, his name is Wang Han, currently he holds the genius of the spirit group, the unknown genius, the genius of the golden group, the genius of the fairy group, and the genius of the group angel. control a total of five This type of badge is generally still a very sharp existence. It was a very important guest of our Lutford Starport. Our Starport had also previously invited him to be a member of our management team, but he said he had no interest in the matter. .

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    "Okay!" Keles nodded heavily, his consciousness directly controlling the movement of the spaceship, "So the next place we are going is to Lutford Starport. Now, sir, stand still, the spaceship is about to break through the Wall. Shen, appeared in another sea of stars, during a time where there may have been some commotion, but not many problems."

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    "Simply buy her something. If I have time, I'll teach her. Later, when I'm really free, I'll take her back to see."

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    And I'm not afraid of you laughing at what I say. I committed suicide not only to save the soul of the Roa clan, but also to deeply understand the gaps in time and space. This is my counterattack. plan. After all, the opponent already has some breath control talent. In order to compete with them, we Roja must control some things in the space-time rift from a different angle. Only then can we gradually realize how the soul in the space-time rift is also a way to try to understand the operating principles of these space-time rifts and use them, but after the soul My soul entered the space-time rift, I didn't have any ability to think. Without a clue, I clearly failed."

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    Do not have. Sac Vi said innocently: "I still have the same amount as before. We bought two or thirty yuan, which is enough for us to eat for a while, but... But after you finished talking, it seemed The speed at which the cake was destroyed was a bit fast. Looking at this cake, I didn't know who had eaten it... and whose cultivation level had broken through. It turned out that they were all trying to grab the food, because Is it to avoid what we can't see? If that's true, it's too cruel.

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    Could it be a coincidence? Gan Qian couldn't understand, "So where did all the people on this spaceship go? Is this spaceship unmanned? Such high technology? But it won't, this kind of cargo This transformation does not matter how high-tech the spacecraft is, there must be a lot of people inside the spacecraft, in order to avoid any damage to the spacecraft itself, and at the same time create an artificial schedule on the spot. , after all, the Star Sea does not look dangerous at all, but in reality, it is filled with all kinds of terrifying existences... I haven't been in this world for a long time, not for millions of years time, and I have seen some of them more than once. With the appearance of the giant star sea, this kind of thing actually chasing a spaceship is still very dangerous, this requires humans intervene... Otherwise, the spacecraft will end up like the current one, it will be inexplicably damaged and become what it is now. disappear."

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    Ha ha. Vuong Han didn't say much about this issue. He directly took the two people into the spaceship and directly set the route to Encore. He stood in the cockpit and said to the two people behind them: "You should have gone. I know." about spaceship jumping. With the size of your spaceship now, it would take you about two thousand years to jump out once. To get to that planet, you'd need to jump out twice. For you, it takes five minutes before and after after It's something, but for me, you've been away four thousand years.

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    Vuong Han wondered if that was the case or not. Now that he knows these things, he has completely predicted the opponent's strength. This strength depends on the right time, the right person, and the opponent must be strong. I don't know how many years it's been. We have reached the source of the breath, moreover the breath at the source of the breath is probably very scary, even Vuong Han thinks that place is a sea completely frozen by the breath, this can happens, on this basis, the main opponent is More familiar with all of this, I'm afraid the group's civilization level is far beyond Roja's group of people like this, "So even though I don't really know I don't know whether all of this is what I think or not, but once I can give more than 90% certainty, I can't continue to move forward, and even the closer I get to the breath, the less I can touch it. come in, otherwise if they find out, I will definitely be killed. Killed immediately."

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    ... Manh Manh squatted on the top of the mountain, looking at Vuong Han's face filled with trepidation, she thought of this scene, "I've really never experienced a situation like master said. That's right! So it's like like what master said! After we solve this matter, we will go to Van Co Lake to see! After that, we will also go to Penglai! I have never been to Penglai! Let's asked Bong Lai The boss wants two islands to play with, and then wants that kind of especially luxurious island, and then casually floats in the air to create a sense of presence! Anyway, we don't give them that they want, so what do they want us to do, We don't do anything, just do it in a different way, and that kind of photo is very cool if you think about it!!!

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    Time in the sea of stars was no longer time, Isabelle didn't know how many years had passed... After all, she had researched almost all the giant monsters in the sea of stars that she could research. ... Occasionally look at the time, time starts from one hundred years ago, to one year ago, to two thousand years, to five thousand years... what Vuong Han did during this time was very simple, is to lift the curtain. However, at a certain point, a door appeared in his soul. This was a door in the dark, with only a white border, the door itself had no color. sharp, looks very strange. He also tried looking at the problem from another angle, that is, sneaking his consciousness behind this door, discovering that this door was alone floating in the dark soul's consciousness, when he looked closely, when Carefully studying, I discovered that there were nine chains on the door, nine chains completely blocking the door, nine chains were still slowly swimming, looking like a living python, full of terrifying power and Wild, after Vuong Han attributed the angle of his soul, this door became extremely huge.

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    They really don't arbitrarily kill innocent people, or they don't have such four words in mind. After Sorok said this, Isabelle breathed a sigh of relief, so Rojas didn't listen. Does it look so scary? At least in her feelings, Vuong Han just has the kind of characteristics that are one of the highest. There will be a normal player in the group, the type of person who encounters any problem very calmly and directly solves it, even though sometimes he applies different methods. , but this kind of harsh behavior is also very effective in many cases. You must know that in many cases where it is impossible to persuade a person, using fists to make the opponent surrender is the most convenient thing. This method cannot be used often, otherwise you will make too many enemies and things can get very complicated.

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    "Oh is that so." Vuong Han looked at the badge on the elf's arm, "How can I check it?"

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    Surely nothing happened. . . . . . Vuong Han also didn't quite understand how Keles looked. After seeing Keles's face turn red, he didn't understand Keles's brain at all, what he was thinking about all day, and his kid. Her face is rosy every day, and her whole body exudes a uniquely charming aura. Under his gaze, Keles also suppressed the thoughts in his heart, then said: "Sir, do you know the upper limit of the breath points they can carry in a level 1 bottled world?" usually not?" After she finished speaking, she looked at the doubt in Vuong Han's eyes. At the same time, she did not arrogantly or recklessly tell Vuong Han about the world-class division.

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    Domineering reveals some unspeakable misery, master, you can do it! Manh Manh couldn't help but nod, then asked: "So what are your plans now? It seems that Thien Ngan still has five years left, there will be another change, and I don't know what will happen with the change." This change, at least as Li Shizong said before, under the change of Skyline this time, Qianqian's life may actually be no more. So, if the master really wants to save Qianqian's life, I think we we should ignore these things in the sea, anyway we can't defeat them now, why don't we send Qianqian to the other side of the world? Don't do anything, I still don't believe that monsters This guy could come here and find us just to kill Qianqian? That's unreasonable.

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    This kind of soul power cannot be preserved for a long time, but it should not be a problem to deal with for a thousand years. Moreover, if Keles cannot control the reincarnation of this group of elves within a thousand years, Vuong Han can only say that this is all destiny. It's the only way to do things. As for whether the original soul power will be damaged or not, Vuong Han is not worried at all. He just gave Keles half of his soul power. After that, Vuong Han controlled the regeneration talent and just took a short deep breath. never mind. , his soul power returned to its original form.

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    Right. The artificial intelligence spaceship replied decisively, "You are Miss Thien Thien, this spaceship was also prepared for you by the captain, but I will tell you some precautions, because this is my intention." captain that year."